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Older man and woman seated at table playing a game

Live Well

We provide the ingredients for a life of connection and purpose: social opportunities, creative outlets, exercise for body and mind, support when you need it. The exact recipe for living well is up to you.

For the Body

What’s more important than your health? We offer dozens of exercise classes and on-site fitness centers with specialized equipment for older adults, and our staff is trained to help you set and achieve your goals. From the basics, like improving balance to help prevent falls, to getting in shape for a special trip or event, our team is here to help you build stamina and strength.

No matter how strong we are, we all get sick or injured sometimes. With 24/7 emergency pull-cord response, a member of our staff can be at your side in an instant if you need help. Our Fitness and Wellness staff can help you rehabilitate after surgery or an injury, and our compassionate, resourceful Resident Service Coordinators can help you coordinate care, from setting up meal delivery to scheduling nurse visits to following hospital discharge plans.

For non-urgent concerns, you can see one of the multilingual nurses who visit every 2Life campus on a regular schedule. They provide culturally competent services in English, Russian, Mandarin, and Cantonese, including helping you manage your medications, address chronic conditions, and monitor your vital signs and vision. The nurses can also work with your regular health care providers to make sure you get and stay healthy.

For the Mind

It’s an exciting feeling to learn something new, and at 2Life Communities, learning opportunities are everywhere. Sit in on a meeting of the Russian Scientists Club, hear a museum curator discuss a current exhibit, or listen to world-famous musicians performing live on campus. Or try your hand at watercolors, cooking new dishes, writing, dancing, or developing another new skill. We offer hundreds of cultural and educational programs, including ESL for those who would like to improve their English. We encourage our residents to share their interests and knowledge with their neighbors; you might join a poetry or Tai Chi class taught by someone who lives just down the hall from you.

For the Spirit

Aging does not have to mean giving up your independence. In fact, our aging in community model is designed to give you greater freedom than you might have living alone. Relish the privacy of your own home, decorated in your style, where you can host family and friends or enjoy some peace and quiet. When you’re ready, walk out the door and join your neighbors in one of the many scheduled or spontaneous activities happening on campus, or ride the train or 2Life van to a museum, shopping center, or other off campus activity. You can spend your time as you choose without ever worrying about being lonely.

33 percent of midlife and older adults who have ever spoken to their neighbors are lonely, compared with 61 percent who have never spoken to a neighbor.”

-  “Loneliness and Social Connections: A National Survey of Adults 45 and Older,” AARP

Perhaps most comforting of all, you and your family can rest assured that if you need support, someone will always be here to offer a helping hand. Our maintenance crew is friendly and responsive, and our Resident Service Coordinators get to know the members of our community personally, so expect someone to notice if you got your hair cut or missed your favorite class several times in a row. Members of our staff live on campus, so even if it’s the middle of the night, you can always reach out for help.