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Group of women, young and old, knitting and smiling

Build Community

Life at 2Life means that community is right outside your door—friends, programs, and the reassurance that comes from knowing there’s always someone there and always something going on.

Opportunities to socialize

Variety is key when it comes to meeting people’s need for social interaction—from current events discussion groups to happy hours to movie nights and themed dance parties. We always see big turnouts for opportunities to learn, and our calendar is rich with lectures and a variety of classes, from watercolors to discussions with renowned scholars.

But not all social interaction should be planned. We build our communities with an eye to creating spaces for spontaneous socialization—libraries, multipurpose rooms, outdoor seating areas, and plenty of spaces for quiet conversation.

I’m independent but I’m not alone. 

- Phyllis, 2Life Communities resident

Communication across languages and cultures

Our residents come from thirty countries, and speak almost as many languages. We work to ensure that everyone feels heard and understood, regardless of their native language. Many of our Resident Service Coordinators are multilingual, and we provide interpretation services for a wide range of events and communications in the predominant languages spoken on our campuses: English, Russian, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

We also delight in sharing one another’s traditions and celebrations. 2Life hosts Passover seders, celebrates the Chinese New Year, and observes Russia’s Victory Day, just to name a few. Each celebration, like all of our activities and events, draws a diverse audience that appreciates the opportunity to learn about their neighbors and build important social bridges.

Inviting the Outside Community In: Village Centers

Our campuses are hubs of activity and opportunity. We think of our walls as permeable, and invite people from the surrounding communities to learn and socialize side by side with our residents. Our guests also learn from our residents themselves, who bring years of experience and knowledge to 2Life programs. Of course, residents benefit from this exchange, too, engaging with people of all ages and backgrounds and sharing their passions and experience. 

The Coming Together of Generations

The future of aging can only be enhanced if we recognize that our success and the national interest depend on connecting generations for good. 

– Forbes, 9/26/2016

Our award-winning Generations Together program brings together diverse, multi-age groups to learn from one another, create friendships, and break down stereotypes. You might see students studying Russian in college having enlightening conversations over afternoon tea with Russian-speaking residents, elementary school students and residents learning side by side about the Jewish value of “chesed”—lovingkindness—across all religions, or residents who are war veterans sharing their experiences with high school history classes. These interactions have a transformative effect for all involved.

Giving Back to The Community

Many of our community-building programs would not be possible without the more than 1,000 volunteers who enjoy spending time with our residents. In fact, many of our residents volunteer here themselves, greeting people at our front desks, teaching classes in areas where they have expertise, organizing our campus libraries, and more. Visit our volunteer page to find out how you can support our vibrant communities.