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Older gentleman smiling among photos from his Navy service

Age Affordably

Everyone deserves a safe, stable home, no matter their income. That’s why we build vibrant communities for older adults—with a laser-sharp focus on affordability.

The Need

We’re in the midst of the largest demographic shift in history. By 2030, one in every five residents of the United States will be 65 or older. In Boston alone, the number of senior households will increase by 53 percent between 2010 and 2030. 

But Massachusetts has the nation’s second largest shortfall between income and basic living expenses, and many older adults can’t afford the high cost of housing. Some are forced to skimp on essentials like medicine and food, just to make rent.

Despite these hardships, life expectancy is on the rise. Our elders deserve homes where they can truly live, rather than living with the constant anxiety of making ends meet.

Seniors are Boston’s fastest-growing and most economically-challenged demographic group.

Our Response

2Life Communities is committed to providing superior housing that is broadly affordable.

Thanks to support from city, state, and federal government, 93 percent of our apartments are subsidized. The median annual household income for those in our subsidized housing is $10,100, and each of our campuses offers a different mix of subsidy levels.

With funding from individuals, foundations, and corporations, we are able to provide programs and services that support our residents’ bodies, minds, and spirits. We consider everything from health care to transportation to nutritious meals, helping them to maintain their quality of life.

We’re also looking to the future. Our goal to double our portfolio of broadly affordable apartments over the next ten years. Our real estate team is expert at piecing together financing so that, as we grow, our new apartments will be affordable, too.