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Why I became a volunteer at JCHE and how I am making a difference

My volunteer and work experience dovetail so nicely with the JCHE experience.

Laura Efron

My volunteer and work experience dovetail so nicely with the JCHE experience.  For over 30 years I have volunteered in various Jewish (mostly) and secular nonprofits whose missions are to help seniors in some way.  During my career, I have done everything from run a business office for a skilled nursing facility to running a nonprofit which helped seniors finding affordable housing options in their town and currently work as a Property Manager for affordable housing and market units.  

Coming to JCHE a couple of years ago was a dream come true as I followed one of my former board members at the charity I ran who is now a fellow board member.  After immersing myself, in the milieu of JCHE by joining both Resident Services and Event committees I gained a better understanding of all JCHE does and then was asked to join the board and eventually to chair the Resident Services Committee.

Upon taking on the Resident Services Committee, I wanted to support the group’s work to learn together and act collaboratively.  We began our year last fall and continue on by meeting at each of the four sites and center the meeting discussions about specific issues to each community where the meeting is held.  Interestingly, we are finding much overlap and these issues will be summarized and then presented for further discussion at our final and fifth meeting of the year.  The ultimate goal is to find solutions to some resident service issues by collaborating with staff and volunteers to cull out innovative ideas used by one and applying them to other buildings.  In the end, I hope to also have solid items or services to incorporate in the grant writing process in order to acquire additional funding to bring our tenants more of what they want in the form of lectures, trips, and classes.