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Stop & Shop Donation Touches Hearts

On Friday, May 29th, we were expecting to see a van, not the full-sized tractor trailer that Stop & Shop used to bring its donation.

Huge delivery from Stop&Shop!

As it pulled into our Brighton Campus parking lot, those of us waiting to help unload were amazed. Following the heels of an incredible donation earlier this spring, Stop & Shop agreed to donate an additional bag of food to every one of our 1,500+ residents.

We had no idea what was in store (no pun intended!).

Between pasta, soup, granola bars, and other essentials, Stop & Shop donated over $50,000 worth of grocery items that day. The company made sure that each resident would receive the same assortment of food, and even provided them with reusable bags. Gold Medal Bakery, a local business based out of Fall River, MA, generously donated a loaf of bread with each delivery. 2Life’s “Helping Hands” had their hands full sorting and distributing food to each of our four campuses. There was so much food; it took all day just to get it out of the truck!

On an emotional Zoom call with staff, 2Life CEO Amy Schectman explained what this donation means for 2Life and our residents. “A donation of this magnitude provides even more than the obvious nourishment and sustenance, as important and meaningful as those are. It sends an important message to our community’s older adults—we see you, we value you, we want to support you to live through this pandemic and come out the other side—to continue to contribute your wisdom, your experience, and your mentoring to the next generation.”

We are so grateful to Stop & Shop, to Gold Medal Bakery, and to all the amazing people who have come together to support 2Life Communities. This is a difficult time for our residents. Knowing that there are people and companies who care in such a profound way makes a tremendous difference.

A Shillman House resident receiving her Stop & Shop delivery
2Life Community Team