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Putting Our Residents’ Needs First, Always!

Above all else, JCHE strives to put our residents' needs first.

Putting residents' needs first

Above all else, JCHE strives to put our residents' needs first. We could identify literally hundreds of ways we do this every day: from affordable, safe apartments to our multilingual staff, from 24/7/365 emergency pull cord response to onsite computer centers and fitness classes, from concerts and community celebrations to our caring staff who take the time to know our residents and their needs.

We call this focus resident centricity, and we recently launched a project to identify and record what comprises resident centricity at JCHE—i.e., the components that make JCHE such a special place to live.

We took on this task to inform how we will maintain our focus on resident centricity while we grow. With a goal of doubling our housing portfolio over the next 15 years, and with construction projects already underway and in the pipeline in Brighton, Brookline, and Newton, we need to ensure that our residents’ needs will always come first.

Hearing from staff was a big part of the project, but it was our exploration of resident-centricity with the residents themselves that provided the most moving, affirming insights into our work. To get the ball rolling, we asked residents to take a survey on what they value most about living here, and about areas for improvement. But we didn’t stop there. We celebrated Resident Appreciation Week across our campuses—with fun activities scheduled every day of the week to accompany frank discussions about all aspects of JCHE. (To date, we completed this phase at our Shillman, Coleman, and Golda Meir houses, with plans to wrap up Brighton in the next couple of months).

The most interesting result was JCHE’s “Net Promoter Score”—a popular marketing measurement tool that gauges the loyalty of an organization’s relationships. We asked residents and staff to rate on a scale of 1-10 how likely they would be to recommend living at JCHE to a friend or family member. Net Promoter Score of 50 is considered excellent.

JCHE’s score was 66!

Here’s what else we learned from staff and residents:

  • Nearly 80 percent of residents said that “staff who know me” is an aspect of living at JCHE that is “most important” to them.
  • Staff availability to help residents with everything from translations to clarifying social security benefits, and regular events that facilitate residents connecting with neighbors, volunteers, and JCHE staff, also ranked at the top of the list.
  • There was a consensus among staff that “making residents happy” was the most important aspect of their job.

In the months ahead, we will be gathering more information, synthesizing survey results, and pinning down those services and programs that are “musts” for our residents.  We will come away from this work with a clearly