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"Moving" Experiences

JCHE strives to make the process of relocating during renovations less stressful for residents.

Golda Meir resident Estelle Howard

With the renovation of 408 apartments at Kurlat House and Gold Meir House well under way, JCHE strives to make the process of relocating less stressful for residents. Here are two moving experiences.

“I’m extremely lucky and happy to be at Golda,” says Estelle Howard, a New York native who moved in eleven years ago.

At age 98, Estelle wasn’t sure what to expect when she found out she’d be moving out of her apartment. So she was pleasantly surprised when moving into her temporary apartment turned out to be, in her words, an “unbelievably easy experience.”

Prior to packing Estelle’s belongings, Carmel Movers took pictures of her entire apartment. Her daughter was amused by the sight of big, burly movers taking great care to ensure that every tchotchke on every surface in the new apartment was placed in the exact same place as before. 

“Estelle has very limited vision, and they made sure to accommodate her by putting everything where she can find it easily,” she says.

“I couldn’t believe I moved, it was so effortless,” Estelle jokes. She knows she’ll have to move again into her newly renovated apartment but has peace of mind, knowing how easy it will be.   


“I love living here. I love the diversity of this community,” says Robert Lindsey, a former high school teacher and Winchester, MA, native who was one of the first residents to move into a renovated apartment in Kurlat.

Robert, who is 80 years old and wheelchair-bound, had been hearing about the building’s planned modernization but only had a vague idea of what to expect. “Moving can be tortuous when you get old,” he admits. “But it went better than I could have dreamed.”

The substantially larger bathroom and walk-in shower make it easier for Robert to maneuver. And he’s looking forward to staying cool during the hot summer days thanks to the newly installed AC in his bedroom.

For Robert, the apartment’s biggest improvement is the handicap-accessible kitchen. “I love cooking, but in the old apartment, I had a lot of difficulty with it.”

Reconfigured kitchen appliances, including a separate wall oven that makes it possible to slide his wheelchair under the stovetop for optimal safety, allow Robert to do what he loves.


Robert’s handicap-accessible stove