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A Letter from Amy Schectman

A letter from 2Life's President & CEO

Dear Friends,

Hope this finds you managing this situation as well as possible. At 2Life, we remain vigilant in our efforts to keep the virus out while making sure our precious residents remain connected and supported. As nice weather has finally arrived on the scene, we’ve developed protocols to help residents get outdoors for walks and family visits while maintaining a level of safe distancing and ever-present masking and hand washing.

As the next phase of re-opening happens in our state, we worry even more about COVID transmission. This virus remains most dangerous for people over 65 years old, which is just about all of 2Life. So we continue to offer the comprehensive array of services—meal and grocery delivery, laundry, mail, extreme disinfecting—to allow our folks to remain at home and out of the path of the virus. We will not let up until we know it is safe.

And we will do everything possible to help stem the sense of despair we all feel from being “cooped up” all this time—with our outdoor concerts, sidewalk art demonstrations and displays, and brain health games played in shaded courtyard spaces. It’s hard to live in a senior community due to COVID fears, but we know it’s far worse to live alone and be isolated, without the strong supports of 2Life staff.

And the demand for our housing remains strong. Our recent lottery for Harold and Ronald Brown House in Brookline drew 703 applicants and the 62 “winners” are excited to move in this September. Despite COVID restrictions, we will find ways to welcome and embrace our newest residents.

Finally, we want to thank each one of you who have contributed to our Response & Readiness Fund. If you have not made a gift yet, or would like to make an additional contribution, please visit our website at 2lifecommunities.org/COVID19.

With appreciation for your support,

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Amy Schectman