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Fitness and Wellness Success Stories

Fitness centers are an integral part of every 2Life Communities campus. Here are two success stories.

older adults sitting in a circle doing chair exercises with a fitness instructor

Jacob, age 97

Before I started coming to the JCHE gym, I never realized the importance of exercise."

Since he began resistance training six years ago, Coleman House resident Jacob has grown significantly stronger, and now lifts almost 15 lbs more for most exercises.

"I've been taught the true value of exercise, and now fully understand its importance at my age. It's the best thing for me, and it keeps me going ... I look forward towards continuing to exercise for as long as I can!"



I have lived at 2life Communities for just about a year. One of the things that I looked for in selecting a new residence was a strong exercise program. I have found that and more here."

"I attend an exercise program Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and use the gym machines and treadmill Tuesday and Thursday. The staff—Stacy, Danielle, and Meredith—are very obliging. I had become out of shape over the years. After giving me a test to start me at my optimum beginning level, they stayed right with me as I got used to my program.

"Right from the start, I felt my arm and leg muscles working harder, not only on the machines but also during the exercise program. I find that I am walking outdoors further as a result of the treadmill and I find it easier to carry my groceries into my apartment as a result of the arm machines. Another good thing is that my upper arms and thighs are beginning to firm up nicely.”

Jean has made impressive gains in upper body strength, adding an average of 26 percent more weight to her resistance training regimen. But the real standout is her progress in leg extensions, from three to 11 pounds, an incredible 266 percent increase in just one year.

"A couple of weeks ago, Stacy gave me another test,” Jean reports. “It’s time to increase the weights!"


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