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Seniors at Seder hear exodus tales from the Soviet Union and Vietnam

At our annual multicultural Passover seder in Brighton, two residents shared their personal exodus stories. Article from The Boston Globe.

2Life Communities President and CEO Amy Schectman talks with 2Life residents at Passover seder in on Brighton campus

They sat around tables arrayed with plates of matzo, bitter herbs, and hard-boiled eggs to celebrate a multicultural Seder at a Brighton senior apartment complex that’s home to many immigrants.

And along with the “coming out of Egypt” story told at traditional Passover gatherings, nearly 100 residents reading from Haggadah texts translated into Russian, Cantonese, and Mandarin also heard two members of their community relate their personal exodus tales.

Thanh Tran, who came to Boston in 1983 from Vietnam, and Lyubov Sokol, who came in 1994 from Russia, rose to share their odysseys with the aid of translators.

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