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A Letter from Amy

A letter from our President and CEO Amy Schectman

Amy Schectman watching Brighton resident Tatyana play piano

Dear Friends,

The past months have been difficult for all of us. At 2Life, ensuring the safety of an especially vulnerable population has been our sole focus. This e-newsletter will give you a glimpse into what is happening on our campuses. We hope you'll use it along with our website to learn important information on what we are doing every day to protect those who call 2Life home.

Let me begin by thanking the hundreds of residents who have pledged to be “Community Heroes” by staying isolated until this crisis has passed. Our entire aging in community model is predicated on making in-person connections on a daily basis—after all, community is the best antidote to loneliness ever invented. For this period of pandemic crisis, however, the only way to keep the community safe is by having everyone self-isolate.

In response, we are engaging residents in completely new ways, with online fitness classes, virtual town halls, outdoor concerts, and frequent personal phone calls. I am proud of the initiative, innovation, and poise of the entire 2Life team. Our amazing staff has made sure that despite the limitations on physical contact, no one is facing this crisis alone. In addition to staying in close touch, our team has worked tirelessly on the front lines and from home to make sure that our residents could remain in their apartments safely and have access to healthy food, mail, trash, and laundry services.

We really appreciate our elected officials and leaders from state and local government who have provided serious guidance as we navigate these uncharted waters. I especially value my colleagues' generosity in sharing information and best practices as we face this crisis together.

Finally, thank you to our community of donors and volunteers. With your help, we have raised close to $700,000 in emergency COVID-19 relief through our Response and Readiness Fund. We couldn’t do all that we are doing without your very generous support!

They say that, in the most difficult times, you find out who your friends are. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such a caring community of friends.

Stay safe, and be well,

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