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Coleman residents in library

Lifelong Learning & Social and Cultural Programming

See a movie or hear a live concert, attend a lecture by a renowned scholar, participate in a book group, or take an art class—all right on your 2Life campus.

You’re never too old to learn something new! At every 2Life campus, you’ll find experts lecturing on a wide range of topics, concerts by musicians from around the world, computer classes, book and current event discussion groups, art classes in a variety of media, ESL classes, and more.

Everyone is welcome to join us in celebrating holidays from the different cultures represented by our residents: the Chinese Moon Festival, Passover, and International Women’s Day are just a few examples.

We make it easy to connect with fellow residents, with welcoming common spaces and social events to suit every taste: summer carnivals, disco nights, dinner parties, visits from “barn babies,” cooking demonstrations, a choir group, competitive games of ping pong and billiards—the list goes on and on.

Want to give something back, too? Join the nearly 130 residents who volunteer at 2Life Communities, helping to run our front desks, libraries, and at some campuses, even our on-site convenience stores.