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Kerri and Shillman residents knitting scarves

Community Engagement

Shape your days—and the community you live in—by getting involved as a volunteer, participant, or leader of one of our many groups or programs.

Engaging with the community is one of the best ways to build the rich human connections that sustain us. That’s why it’s so exciting that our campuses serve as village centers, where residents and members of the larger community can gather to socialize, learn, and celebrate. Whether you want to help with a single event or participate in big-picture decision-making for your campus, there’s a way to get involved.

Tenant Councils

Each of our campuses has a tenant council, a group of residents who are actively involved in shaping and improving their environment. Many council members have been participating since moving in fifteen to twenty years ago, and every year some new residents join the group. Council responsibilities and projects include:

  • Reviewing capital improvements and learning about management plans so they can share them with other residents. 
  • Sharing the concerns of their neighbors.
  • Alerting staff to ways to make our buildings safer and more comfortable.
  • Planning special events.
  • Organizing charitable activities to raise funds for organizations around the world.

Cross-Campus Events

Would you like to attend a special lecture at Coleman House? Participate in the Passover seder on our Brighton campus? Check out the holiday mall set up at Shillman House? See a movie we’re screening at Golda Meir House? Our staff coordinate across campuses to make sure that no matter where you live, you can enjoy select events and programs that take place at each of our sites. The 2Life van will pick you up at your home campus, and bring you back when the event is over, sometimes even by way of a restaurant where you can enjoy a meal out with your neighbors.

On-Campus Volunteering

For those who are inspired to give back to the community, there are lots of opportunities, from greeting visitors at the front desk, to working in one of our on-campus convenience stores, to leading a weekly discussion of current events. Some volunteer positions are supervised by our staff, while others are entirely the residents’ responsibility. Want to see a new program or activity on your campus? By volunteering, you can make it happen!

Intergenerational Programs

Through our award-winning Generations Together program, we create a wide variety of fun and educational opportunities to spend time with people of all ages. On campus, you might decorate cakes with kindergartners, study kindness with tweens, or practice your language skills with local college students. Or venture further afield to become a docent at the WWII Museum in Framingham, or deliver hand-knitted hats and scarves to children who’ve just immigrated to the U.S.

By utilizing the talents of older adults and investing in intergenerational solutions, we can make our world a better place. The data overwhelmingly shows that when we engage seniors and young people around a specific outcome measure, good things happen.
- Forbes, 9/26/16