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370 Harvard Street rendering

Harold and Ronald Brown Family House Construction Updates

As we embark our newest 2Life community at 370 Harvard Street, we are committed to keeping our neighbors informed while we are under construction.

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We will use this website to upload regular updates on the construction schedule. See below for links to documents of the current and past construction updates.  

If you have immediate concerns about safety, noise or access, please contact the appropriate designated representative. Contact information is below.

Contact Information

If there are questions or concerns that relate to immediate/emergency site conditions, please call or email:

Jerry Bledsoe
Mobile: (617) 980-3019

If there are questions or concerns that relate to schedule or upcoming work, please call or email:

Elise Selinger
Project Manager
Office: (617) 912-8438

Joseph O’Toole
Director of Facilities
Office: (617) 912-8426


Overall Schedule

Estimated Start

Estimated Completion

Demolish Existing Building

June 2019

August 2019

Building Construction

August 2019

August 2020

Affirmative Marketing & Leasing

January 2020

July 2020

Site Work/Landscaping

June 2020

August 2020

Construction Completion

July 2020

August 2020

Residential Lease-up/Occupancy

August 2020

October 2020

Construction Updates

Please click the links below to see the current update or past construction updates.

05/25/20 Update

05/08/20 Update

04/24/20 Update

04/20/20 Update

04/12/20 Update

03/27/20 Update

03/13/20 Update

02/29/20 Update

02/14/20 Update

01/31/20 Update

01/17/20 Update

01/03/20 Update

12/13/19 Update

11/29/19 Update

11/15/19 Update

11/06/19 Update

11/01/19 Update

10/18/19 Update

10/2/19 Update

9/20/19 Update

9/6/19 Update

8/23/19 Update

8/9/19 Update

7/26/19 Update

7/12/19 Update

7/1/19 Update

370 Harvard Neighbor Meeting Handouts - June 20, 2019

6/20/19 Update

6/17/19 Update


Construction Photos

March 2020

Brown - View from Harvard Street


February 2020

View down Harvard Street

View from 6th floor balcony


Brown family construction January 2020

January 2020

December 2019 Photo

December 2019


October 2019 photo

October 2019


October 2019

October 2019