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Legacy Giving

Make an enduring impact on 2Life Communities without affecting your regular philanthropy. Including 2Life in your estate plan extends your generosity beyond your lifetime, supporting future generations of older adults.

By making a bequest to 2Life Communities, you’re investing in a future where all older adults can age affordably and live well.

Bequests and life income gifts come in many forms, but each helps you plan for the future, increase your income, and give to others in a unique and lasting way. Professionals at 2Life Communities are happy to discuss how to tailor these options to incorporate your age, assets, and vision for giving.

By planning your estate and legacy, you can:

  • Make a personally significant gift to 2Life Communities
  • Save on gift and estate taxes
  • Mitigate capital gains taxes
  • Transfer wealth to family members with reduced tax burdens
  • Make your annual gift to 2Life in perpetuity
  • Continue making philanthropic gifts during your life

Here are a few examples of how you can plan your estate and legacy giving:


You can designate a bequest, also known as an estate gift, to 2Life through a will or trust. Whether you choose to leave art, real estate, bonds, or other assets, your gift will make an impact for years to come. Contact 2Life today to learn more.

Charitable Lead Trusts

A charitable lead trust can be used to transfer assets to children or others at a significantly reduced tax liability. The tax savings from a charitable lead trust may allow you to provide significant support for 2Life Communities at little or no costs to your heirs. Charitable Lead Trusts are also an effective vehicle for introducing your heirs to your life’s philanthropy.

Gifts of Assets

You can use many types of assets—including stocks, bonds, art or real estate—–to make a planned gift to 2Life Communities. In many cases, gifting appreciated assets can reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes.

Life Insurance

Naming 2Life Communities as the beneficiary for a life insurance policy is a common, accessible way to include 2Life in your estate plan without affecting your family’s assets.

Pledge your Legacy Gift

2Life Communities is pleased to recognize our generous supporters who invest in a future where all older adults can age affordably and live well by including 2Life in their estate plans. Making gifts in wills or revocable trusts, income-producing gifts, testamentary retirement account fund gifts, life insurance gifts, or real estate gifts supports the future of our community.

By formally pledging to include 2Life in your estate plans, you join a select group of 2Life donors who have made this community a top philanthropic priority. If you are considering including 2Life in your estate plans, we encourage you to contact the Fund Development office today.