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Save the Date for Brunch!

The 2Life Brunch
Strength. Dignity. Grace.
A Community Conversation about Women and Growing Older in America
Sunday, October 27 from 11am to 1pm
​​​​​​​Marriott Copley

Think about how you wish to age or about how you wish your loved ones to age. Strength, dignity, and grace rise to the top of the list – for everyone.

But on October 27th, we’ll focus on women --- young and older--- because the story of aging in America today is very much a women’s story.

Women live longer than men and work longer than men. Women over the age of 65 are more likely to live alone, and their incomes are half that of men. The vast majority of family caretakers in this country are women. The statistics demonstrate that more often than not, women are left to find their own way through the later years of life.

We’ll address these challenges head on and talk about solutions. We’ll also celebrate women growing older – their successes and the wisdom and self-knowledge that come with the passing of years.

If you believe that everyone deserves to age with strength, dignity, and grace, we will see you at the 2Life Brunch on October 27th.

Guest speakers to be announced.