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Coronavirus Preparedness at 2Life

The fast-moving COVID-19 virus is of concern to us all

We are working hard to respond quickly and effectively, following public health guidelines and focusing on prevention to the best of our ability.  We monitor websites many times/day and have direct, regular contact with state and local public health professionals.  Here are some of the steps we have taken:

  • Restricting Access: As of Monday, March 16, our buildings will be closed to all outside visitors, except for health- or essential-service-related personnel. 
  • Hygiene: We have installed additional hand sanitizer stations throughout all of our campuses and request everyone coming into the building to use upon entry. We have posters in multiple languages encouraging frequent (and 20-second-sustained) handwashing, respiratory hygiene (coughing/sneezing into tissues, elbow nook) and other tips for our residents.
  • Disinfecting: We have increased the hours for professional cleaning and disinfection in all public spaces, with specialized high-power equipment, including adding weekend hours. We have shifted maintenance personnel from routine tasks to disinfecting ones.
  • Employee Health: We are instructing staff to stay home if any symptoms occur and to practice extra levels of hygiene if here.  For people whose job can be conducted from home, we are recommending they do so and providing support to make that possible.
  • Social Distancing: For our residents and staff – only offering programs where 6 feet between people is possible and transitioning meetings to video or phone conferencing.

We are working very hard and at a level of high alert to do everything to keep our residents and staff as safe as possible while we closely monitor and navigate this developing situation.

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Amy Schectman
President & CEO