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Trio of laughing older adults in leafy green setting

Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly (JCHE) is now 2Life Communities.

Why the name change?

Weinberg House  groundbreaking ceremony

Real Estate Team

Our real estate staff are experts in creating beautiful, comfortable, and adaptive homes for today, and innovating for the future.


Lizbeth Heyer, Chief of Real Estate and Innovation
(617) 912-8475


Rhonda Spector, Director of Real Estate Development
(617) 912-8458


Zoe Weinrobe, Director of Real Estate Innovation
(617) 912-8406


Rose White, Housing Finance Specialist
(617) 912-8493


Elise Selinger, Real Estate Innovation Manager
(617) 912-8438


Rachel Belanger, Project Manager
(617) 912-8464

We support the next generation of affordable housing leaders by partnering with:

Our team has also sponsored multiple award-winning student teams participating in the annual Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston’s Affordable Housing Development Competition.

Real Estate Committee
Jeff Sacks, Chair
Don Bloch
Lydia Chesnick
Howard Furman
Rob Gifford
Donna Kalikow
Bernie Kaplan
Rudy Kass
Noah Maslan
Ed Saxe
Esther Schlorholtz
Bill Shaevel
Harold Tubman
Harold Stahler
David Zaltas