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Real Estate Development

Where should we build? What physical features should our campuses have? How can we improve our existing campuses? Our real estate team answers these questions, prioritizing long-term affordability and the needs and desires of our residents.

As the developer, owner, and operator of every 2Life Community, as well as a resident service provider, we make decisions based on what is best for the people who live with us today and those who will live with us thirty years from now. Our real estate team combines compassion, expertise, and innovation so that every property we develop lives up to our mission of helping people age affordably and live well.

The real estate team is supported by a seventeen-member Board committee, as well as our in-house facilities, programs, and accounting teams, so we’re uniquely able to innovate and manage complex real estate transactions. We also work side-by-side with the staff and residents at each of our campuses, making sure any decisions we make about our buildings will continue to support the programs and services that are a hallmark of our aging in community model.

Three new properties will add approximately 180 apartments to 2Life Communities by 2022, allowing us to welcome nearly 250 new residents. By 2030, we hope to have doubled our portfolio.

Our Philosophy

2Life’s real estate practice is built to innovate!  Every one of our projects seeks to demonstrate new and creative ways to supporting aging in community:

  • Affordability: The high cost of housing in Massachusetts is the single biggest cause of economic insecurity among older adults.  We leave no stone unturned when piecing together financing to create housing that is affordable to anyone who has been priced out of the supportive senior housing market. This includes groundbreaking work on a creative approach to providing aging in community options for seniors who are over-income for housing with government subsidies but do not make enough to afford market rate options.  
  • Village Centers: Research has proven that community is the best antidote to the loneliness and social isolation experienced by so many older adults.  We make it easy to be part of the community, both by building on main streets and near public transportation, and by creating vibrant program spaces on our campuses that are accessible to residents and neighbors alike.
  • Accessibility: We’re committed to our residents, and work to ensure that they can stay with us even if their circumstances change. Our apartments are designed to adapt to each individual’s changing physical and intellectual circumstances as they age.
  • Sustainability and Emerging Technology: In addition to developing highly efficient buildings, we are experts in “grey-green technology" that saves money on operations, is good for the planet, and is informed by how seniors use technology. 2Life Communities has been recognized by the Department of Energy for its energy-saving practices and achievements.
  • Life Cycle Investing: As a long-term owner and operator, we live with what we build. Our projects are smart, comprehensive, and informed by best practice, prioritizing high-performing materials and systems that last. In addition to being more environmentally and financially sustainable over the life of the building, this helps us create more livable homes for residents. 

Design Innovations

With over fifty years of experience building and managing apartment buildings, we’ve learned what works best for our residents and staff. Our design guidelines collect all of that information in one place so that each 2Life community can be built to the same high standards. The guidelines also serve as a model for, and are available to, others in the field.

Completed Projects

Ulin House30 Wallingford Rd, Brighton, MA (Brighton campus)
A $31 million, 239 unit, occupied rehab and addition completed in 2015.

Gitta & Saul Kurlat House28 Wallingford Rd, Brighton, MA (Brighton campus)
A $64 million, 209 unit, occupied renovation completed in 2018.

Golda Meir House, 160 Stanton Ave, Newton, MA
A $50 million, 199 unit, occupied renovation completed in 2018.

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg House132 Chestnut Hill Ave, Brighton, MA (Brighton campus)
A $22.8 million, 61 unit, new construction completed in 2019.

The Harold and Ronald Brown Family House, 370 Harvard St, Brookline, MA.
A $30 million, 62 unit, new construction completed in 2020.